Founded in Long Beach, California in 2013, Hiccups Tea House serves an eclectic Asian-fusion cuisine and a variety of specialty drinks. We’re best known for dishes such as garlic noodles, pad thai, and pho. Our most popular drinks are our horchata milk tea, Vietnamese iced coffee, and our chamoy mango slushie. We are the parent company of the Spanish-influenced dessert concept, Churroholic.


Our goal is to provide a welcoming environment in which friends, family, and new acquaintances can gather around for a pleasant cultural and communal dining experience. Accordingly, we have instilled a spirit of ‘Culture’ and ‘Unity’ into our company’s foundation. This ethos has enabled us to achieve continuous growth and success in our business and has helped us keep our staff both enthusiastic and energetic in the workplace.

The Hiccups family is honored to have you dine with us! Your satisfaction is vital to us, and we will work hard to earn it every time you visit our restaurants.

An assortment of Hiccups dishes and drinks being eaten.


At Hiccups, we take great pride in using the freshest ingredients to prepare each of our meals. Our Asian-fusion cuisine is made-to-order, providing you with a warm and fresh meal every time.


Our flavored coffee drinks, tasty smoothies, gourmet teas, sweet slushies, and hot lattes are a big hit around town.  All drinks are made to perfection and are the perfect treat to get you through a busy day.


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