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Hiccups Light Branding

Where we started

Fullfilled in Every Way.

We are changing the Asian dining experience as you know it by creating the ultimate one-stop-shop for all things flavor. It’s all about embracing the culture and sharing the plentitude of tasty goodness the East has cultivated. Whether it’s boba, popcorn chicken, pho, garlic noodles, you name it, we are ready to serve in a moment’s notice. 


It didn’t always come easy though, in 2013, we started building our recipes and team from the ground up, with only the very best of the best. Since the very beginning, we stuck to our core values: consistency, integrity, passion, and customer-centricity. With us, we love the process, we love the journey, and we love the outcome, which is bringing you a smile in between every bite. 

Hiccups Fruity Drinks

What We believe in

The Hiccups Values

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Consistent set of values, services, tastes, and smiles.

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Being honest. Dedicated adherence to strong morals and ethical principles

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Uncompromising focus on impact and excellence.

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Build trust, loyalty, and reputation via positive customer experience throughout all service journey

There are many moments in life.

The ones with sips of Hiccups are always better.

The Hiccups Family

How Hiccups Started

Hiccups Founders

As a first-generation immigrant in the US, Sky understands the struggles and successes of hustling outside one’s comfort zone. In 2013, he and his wife, Khiem, made the bold decision to start a restaurant with one mission in mind; to introduce the unique fusion flavor of Asian cuisine to the community they love. 


Sky named the first restaurant, Hiccups, which means to quench ones desire for good food and drink. Not only have they fulfilled this goal, they continue to satisfy customers with efficiency, welcoming smiles, and a relaxed environment to dine in. Now, the Hiccups family has evolved beyond food and drinks. It is about supporting the people in our community that we hustle with; to cheer them on with smiles and to support each other with freshly cooked food.


Sky and his wife believe in creating the ultimate team of dedicated, passionate, and supportive hustlers. As the leader of the business, Sky is determined to overcome any obstacle with the team and create opportunities for enthusiasts. Every day is a chance to take steps towards delighting Hiccups fans and fulfilling milestones.


After many years of hard work, with its fair share of trials and tribulations, the Hiccups family is growing exponentially as new locations are being opened across the country.

Be A Part of The Journey

Considering franchise? Join the journey where your success is our achievement.

Hiccups Fried Rice with Shimp
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